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Kauai Volleyball Tournament


Saturday October 20, in Santa Monica, come play in the Kauai Bikini Volleyball Tournament.

This is the most important volleyball tournament in the world!

Every athlete gets a hammer top and bottom included!

You will be sure to look your best for the BVNE College Recruiting Showcase on Sunday Oct 21st.

Win any game by more than 10 points and get another free bottom!  No limit on how many you can win!

October 20 - Santa Monica - 1200 PCH 



This tournament is going to be full of fun and surprises from Kauai Bikini. You might see colors that are brand new that no one has. KB might have new hair ties made from bikini string that match your new suit perfectly. You will be able to look at the Kauai Bikini fabric color book which has over 100 fabric samples and help pick the next bikini colors.

Finals will also go live on the instagram account at @BVNEvents.  Coaches will be watching the pre-warm up Kauai Bikini Tournament.  Stand out and get noticed by the coaches before the College Recruiting Showcase.

BVNE is excited to host the Kauai Bikini event and unique opportunity.  College Coaches Clinics are also held at 7 am on the same day to give you every opportunity to play.